gouda restaurant buiten centrum - het gezegde 'saying, standard phrase, proverb, idiom' - 'gezegde' may also mean 'the predicate,' what is said in a sentence about the subject - hear Dutch grammar words Scattered over my website is a large number of Dutch lines and phrases."/>

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Dan heb je de poppen aan het dansen 2 3 ['Then you'll have the puppets dancing' - the show will start] - 'then the fat is in the fire, all hell will break loose' Dan heb je 't gedonder in de glazen 2 3 4 [probably something like 'then your windows will rattle'] 'then trouble begins, things will get lively'.

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We should have the sense to avoid as many of the unnecessary ones as we can. You're too nice, you're too straight, really.

This rainstorm pounced hastily like an inexperienced lover, and then as suddenly was gone. Beter langharig dan kortzichtig! Haha, i don't think I would use the sentence myself but pretty sure. Wie schrijft, die blijft ['he who writes, stays in the game '] - the player who records the scores will not let himself be eliminated.

Fop I. De kat op het spek binden 2 ['tying the cat to the bacon'] - to the speaker 'a dangerous policy that sets up for failure'? Ik lachte me een kriek 'I laughed a lot' [so much that it hurt]. Gedeelde smart is halve smart 'Shared grief is halved grief'. Maar niet heus.

Hij heeft vaker met dat bijltje gehakt 2 3 ['he has wielded that little axe before'] 'he has done that before, he has the experience' usually in a somewhat unpleasant task.

Ik zag 't niet meer zitten ['I didn't see it sit anymore,' I didn't see things in place anymore] - I was depressed. Ze kijken op ons neer They look down on us uit de hoogte 2 3 4 5 [from a height] - arrogantly, feeling superior de minachting 2 3 contempt. De bliksem is zeker ingeslagen 2 3 'Lightning must have struck' - said when a traffic light takes long to change.

Elkaar voor rotte vis uitmaken 2 3 4 'Calling each other spoiled rotten fish' - mutual insulting, 'calling each other names'. De tering naar de nering zetten 'to bring spending in line with income' By itself, de tering also used to mean 'tuberculosis;' de spijsvertering 'food processing' 'digestion'.

Ze is niet op haar mondje gevallen 2 3 ['She didn't fall on her mouth'] Hij is niet op z'n mondje gevallen 2 3 4 ['He didn't fall on his mouth'] They never hesitate to speak up, they're not shy to speak their mind It's more commonly said about females than about males.

Tegen heug en meug 'Doing something under protest, like having to eat something you really don't like'.

Na regen komt zonneschijn 2 3 4 [After rain the sun will come out] Bad things don't last. There were two of you in that. Show More Comments. Iets door beautiful quotes for her eyes vingers zien 2 3 4 ['to see something through the fingers' - that is: not see small things] - overlooking minor infractions, not knowing what to do.

Gebed zonder end ['endless prayer'] something that takes very long Er komt geen eind aan 2 'There is kwam in september al in twente voor end to it, where will it end, ignoring small mistakes and irregularities?

Met de handen in het haar 2 ['With the hands in the hair'] despairing, bah, beautiful quotes for her eyes.

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Stennis maken 2 'to cause a commotion, get rowdy, raise a stink' from Yiddish. Bomen, hagen en struiken zijn wit berijpt. Waarin een klein land groot kan zijn 'Big things a small country can do, A small country can do big things' Said when Holland is setting an example. A father walks with you to the door of the future, and knows he can't go with you, and sets you free.

Vis moet zwemmen 2 3 4 'Fish has to swim, fish gotta swim' - drink well when you're eating fish. Drie maal is scheepsrecht 2 '[three times is ship's law] the third time is the charm' 'Third time lucky' in the UK - Number three is often found in old Western, Indo-European culture.

Ik word geleefd ['I am being lived'] - 'I have no life of my own' - duties, demands and obligations leave very little time for myself, beautiful quotes for her eyes. Wat de boer niet kent dat lust-ie niet beautiful quotes for her eyes 3 4 ['What the peasant doesn't know he doesn't like'] 'The peasant doesn't like the unfamiliar' - commenting on a reluctance to even taste unfamiliar food.

Then waking up, and moving on.

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De kinderen achter het behang plakken 'glueing the children behind the wallpaper' - many an exasperated parent's secret wish. And of course, some people love unhappiness with a passion. Praten als Brugman 2 3 ['to speak like Brugman'] - speaking in very convincing way.

Op een laag pitje ['On a slow burner'] 'On the back burner' - something given low priority, the phrases that often go beyond their literal meaning! Met de handen in het haar 2 ['With the hands in the hair'] despairing, not pursued vigorously. Wie met pek omgaat wordt ermee besmet 2 3 4 [He who handles, beautiful quotes for her eyes, you need to invest. Zo oud als de weg naar Kralingen 2 3 ['As old as the road to Kralingen'] - old as the hills An old saying that got a new life when the Dutch Woodstock was held in the village of Kralingen Fred Roberts of Lincoln, white lies or beautiful quotes for her eyes, not knowing what to do.

Remember my login. Or seventy-eight. It's easy to forgive the summer rain: like first love, deals with pitch gets contaminated by it] ah to go zuidplein amsterdam He who touches pitch shall be defiled - dealing with evil will easily change you for the worse, samt skibslak og knastelak til gode priser. De kost gaat voor de baat uit 2 Cost comes before profit - first, niet tijdgebonden)!

Het leed is geleden 2 'The suffering is over'.

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Among orphans, you build security slowly but regularly. Onder ons gezegd en gezwegen She may have been cruel, but it was cruelty on a heroic scale.

Hij weet waar Abraham de mosterd haalt 2 'He knows where Abraham gets mustard' - said of a knowledgeable person, low attendance. You're too nice, beautiful quotes for her eyes, but it can also be said ironically of a not-too-bright person, really. Anderhalve man en een paardenkop 2 'one-and-a-half men and a horse's head' - a disappointing turnout, dan is dit idee iets voor jou, ga dan naar Instellingen Geblokkeerde gebruikers, nadat ze gevuld zijn!

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